16 thoughts on “Gore Goes Malthusian: Frets about accomodating growing middle class ‘on a finite planet’”

  1. A few observations.
    1.Being an avid fan of all types of documentaries,wild life,travel etc all of the gloom and doom by the climate change scientologist is just not evident.There is an abundance of all forms of life,and polar bear numbers have never been higher.
    There are fast tracts of land in countries around the world that people have not yet used to cultivate food,because there is no need to yet.There is no shortage of food production around the world.(there was briefly a shortage of grain crops because farmers were growing cash crops for ethanol,as ethanol only about 20% energy as petrol,another piece of green stupidity)
    2.Crops will grow better and faster in higher CO 2 atmosphere.With the benefit of GM food more nutricious and less wasteful plants can be developed eg corn with shorter stems.
    3.Farmers around the world are continuously improving land productivity.Better management techniques,for soil condition,fertiliser usage.using drones to monitor their.Animal husbandry again is improving,by selective breeding.An example is lamb calving rates,where a sheep has two lambs,in a large flock the lambs sometime get seperated from its mother and often dies,However by providing seperate yarding the survival rate is improved immensely.
    4.There is also vertical farming,a proven technique in converted disused high rise buildings.New developments could be designed so food could be produced at hand.
    Further even on a small suburban block or balcony people could provide a high percentage of their food needs.People do not these things now as the is no urgent need to,but if push come to shove they may need to.
    5.The improvement in growing in glass houses is also vastly improved.A case in South Australia uses solar reflection panels to heat sea water to 140deg c.This provdes enough energy for the whole enterprise. It is a thriving viable proven business (I believe they are looking to patent the technique)
    6.Energy generation > there is a type of nuclear power that is completely safe :- Laser excited Thorium, I believe it was invented 20 yrs ago by the Japanese ( I read about it in Sciam) Why it is not used I`m unsure,perhaps at this stage conventional ones are cheaper to build.
    7.When the Green loons can manufacture and weld Wind Turbines from Solar Panels, do not belive we should go into panic mode just yet.
    My partner has a solution for all those worried about CO 2 increase,don`t breathe out.Population reduction,lead by example,just exit stage left.

    Hope you find this interesting Earthlings

  2. And that’s the fallacy of Malthusianism.

    The up-and-coming middle class is not coming to your house, and they will be cooking their own dinner, thank you very much. No accommodations will be requested from the patronizing hoards stagnating in the West. I only hope they will invite us Europeans over for dinner once in awhile. It’ll distract us from our poverty and self-flagellation.

  3. Just because a thing is finite, doesn’t mean it’s going to run out. We’ve been using up oxygen since the dinosaurs were around, and we still have plenty.

  4. Gore is clueless of the decreased birthrates that accompany developing countries. We will more likely top out about 9 billion and then decline. He’s an idiot and anything he says is clearly politically motivated, for himself.

  5. Population will not be a problem. Population growth has been exponential. However anyone who knows about the mathematics of exponential growth curves knows that it will eventually level out and decline. World population will stabilise at about 8 to 9 billion by mid century but will thereafter decline naturally as all exponential growth curves do. So no need to worry about population levels

  6. His plan is to turn them into lower classes by extracting their assets through taxes, carbon credits, and increased prices for ‘conveniences’ like automobiles until they are forced into a ‘sustainable’ lifestyle.

  7. Also Al Gore , I like watching that cnn larry king live where you were slapped silly & treated like a step child by ross perort on NAFTA debate talk. LOL!

  8. Also Al , Everytime you debate or talk on the subject of gobal warming or making things work on this finite world. You never really get into the gist of it. Are you afraid that the working low-middle income class will get smart and invesiagte what your talking. Or our the boggie man and blowing all the hot air out of your 10K squre foot manison! LOL!

  9. No , Al Gore is a clown carrying out bill clinton’s gobal agenda-NWO. But i think
    Old Al Gore is getting tired of being Bill’s right hand man LOL!

    Hey Al we know your a puppet and we like to know where the chatty cathy
    like strings are pulled! LOL again!

  10. Accommodate means make provision for, and it’s a good question to be asking now rather than later, IMO. Like, if you know you’ve got 12 people coming to brunch Sunday don’t wait til late Saturday PM to make a shopping list.

  11. So, let me get this straight:

    Almost half of the staving masses around the world will come up to middle class in the next 17 years and he is crying about it?

    Has he no heart?
    Why? Why do you hate the children so much, Al?

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