Gore advises Obama to go around Republicans on climate

Isn’t the Executive branch was supposed to implement the laws made by Congress — as opposed to making up its own laws.

“President Obama ‘has to follow through’ on his commitment to address climate change, even if it means using executive powers to get around congressional gridlock, according to former Vice President Al Gore. Obama should “move boldly” on the agenda he articulated in his second inaugural address, which included strong words about addressing climate change, Gore said in an interview on CNN’s ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS’.”

Read more at The Hill.

3 thoughts on “Gore advises Obama to go around Republicans on climate”

  1. Don’t imagine for a minute that Al Gore is blind, he knows exactly what he’s doing, and its all to gain financial advantage. You just know if he’s talking it up, he’s got a finger in the pie.

  2. Well, a president is supposed to exercise leadership, but yes, the actual actions are supposed to start with legislation and find their way back to the constitution.

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