Getting Gored: Michael Mann’s Apocalyptic Prophecies and Al Jazeera’s Green Jihad

Why Al Gore was so impressed with Al Jazeera’s climate coverage.

“One of the reasons why Al Gore was impressed with Al Jazeera’s coverage of Climate Change is because Michael Mann, the poster boy for the global warming and/or climate change apocalypse, has been extensively featured by the pan-Arab network.”

Read more at American Thinker.


  1. So we have to wonder. Is Gore offering a cheap excuse for taking oil money, or is he so climate-crazed that he’d turn down a bigger offer from someone who *didn’t* feature Mann?

    There’s no way Gore can dodge the implication that he now has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is probably the worst aspect of this shabby, sordid bit of business. Tying it to CO2 only makes it worse. Islamic climatology? Atmospheric jihad? It stinks.

  2. The trifecta of Gore, Mann and Al Jazeera all deserve each other. When we in the US decide we ‘ve had enough of the disastrous “Climate Change” fiction and regain our senses, and use the energy we have from all sources, we’ll all be better off.


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