Fifth Column of the Day: The Conservative Case For A Carbon Tax

Supposed conservative Steve Steckler wants to rein in private sector, not government spending.

“So here’s the deal for conservatives and liberals, including Professor Skocpol and nearly every American environmental group: let’s impose a broad-based carbon tax, one that starts small and slowly increases as the economy recovers to a level that drives innovation, moves individuals and companies to voluntarily buy greener technologies, and coincidentally yields new tax revenue to stabilize the national debt, sustain entitlements and hold down marginal tax rates.” [Politix]


  1. That would only work as a world wide initiative. Unless you can get China to do the same you would only make problems worse by creating a competitive advantage for countries that have the worst possible enviornmental policy.

  2. Hey Steve, the climate is changing, just as it has for the last 4.5 billion years. Carbon dioxide is not pollution or a greenhouse gas. It is just a gas. It obeys the laws of Boyle and Charles, and the laws of thermodynamics. If you don’t know what they are, ask one of your academic friends to explain them to you.

    Cap and trade taxation hurts everybody and has no chance of affecting climate change. Wise up.

  3. “Cap and trade taxation hurts everybody and has no chance of affecting climate change.”

    Actually, it hurts only those who live in the jurisdictions of stupid or malicious governing classes who connive to inflict these “carbon pollution abatement” measures on the economies they victimize.

    They’re tremendous advantages for everybody in countries where those who govern are smart corruptocrats and ignore this preposterous “man-made global warming” bogosity.

  4. Tax increases drive innovation?

    Somebody better check the stack gases coming off his economics….

    Passive/aggresive fascism.


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