Feds building levee in DC to protect EPA, IRS, FBI, DoJ buildings from global warming

We safeguarding the bureaucracy from imaginary threats while the economy crumbles in real time.

Warmist Mark Hertsgaard notes in the Daily Beast:

“One disquieting sign of the dangers climate change is already posing was evident right under demonstrators’ feet on Sunday, on the grounds of the Washington Monument, where they assembled before marching to the White House. Just south of Constitution Avenue, a new levee is being built, linking the grounds of the monument with those of the World War II Memorial. Its purpose? To protect the White House, the National Archives, buildings containing the Justice Department, the FBI, the Environmental Protection Agency, the IRS, the Commerce Department, and other key federal agencies from flooding caused by torrential rains or hurricanes.”

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  1. No wonder we have no money. Do you think that the sequester will stop this rather than starving our children?


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