‘Exxon Hates Your Children’ Ad To Air On Fox News Around State Of The Union

“According to a press release from its creators, the ad will reportedly air on Fox News Channel in the Denver, Colorado and Houston, Texas markets before and after Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 12.”

“Drew Hudson, Executive Director of Environmental Action, said in the release, ‘On a night where we’re counting on the President to lay out a specific plan to address climate change, we’re excited Fox News viewers will finally hear the truth about Exxon and the billions of taxpayer dollars they receive to help ruin our collective future’.”

Read more at Huffington Post.

2 thoughts on “‘Exxon Hates Your Children’ Ad To Air On Fox News Around State Of The Union”

  1. If you go to HuffPo and read some of the comments, you will realize exposure to outright stupidity can make you feel ill. To normal people this ad is a horrible joke. Thousands of people work for Exxon that have children and families. It’s not dirty energy that bothers them. It comes out in the comments, it’s rich people, the 1%. Exxon, to them, is wealth earned at their expense. IF they had a real desire to know the truth about the weather hoax, they could easily research, but they simply spout talking points. BTW, since when did Rolling Stone become a scientific magazine and McKibben a climatologist?

  2. We had a letter in the Gazette a bit like this today. Republicans, the writer says, actively want dirty air and water and are delighted at the idea that the poor should suffer.
    Of course this is false. Exxon wants to make large profits by providing valuable goods. If the carbon-based energy industry took two days off, thousands would likely die from lack of vital services and everyone would be reminded of what it’s like not to have the Intern…

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