3 thoughts on “Exxon Cease-And-Desist Order Gets Climate Change Ad Pulled From State Of The Union Coverage”

  1. Maybe the leaders of Exxon could claim intentional emotional distress based on falsehoods — as individuals, not as a corporate body.
    In any case, an ad that has appeared on MSNBC and has had 170k views on YouTube might as well never have been shown, of course. Its display during the State of the Union would have been far more widely viewed.
    I’d like to hope that such an ad would have done more to reveal the agenda of its makers than to damage Exxon’s reputation. But the election of 2012 put that into serious doubt for me.

  2. File a hate suit against the producer of the ad and the networks. Slander might work. Corporations have to protect their reputations.

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