European carbon price ‘inching ever closer to zero’

“”Dramatic”, “enduring”, “meltdown” – the words used by leading analyst firm Thomson Reuters Point Carbon to describe the continued slump in global carbon prices could not be starker.”

Read more at The Guardian.

7 thoughts on “European carbon price ‘inching ever closer to zero’”

  1. Exactly, Jim. The carbon trading scheme has, at best, rearranged resources through a completely fake commodity. At worst, it has deprived the poor of the means of sustenance and basic comfort.

  2. This is a classic case of markets, as represented by price, being smarter than the humans participating in them.

    We’ve managed to waste fiat money on a fiat commodity.

  3. When the price drops below zero, I am going to let them send me a dollar plus a few of the credits..

  4. When it hits bottom, that’ll be the signal for BHO & the MSM to push full-bore for the US to adopt the trading scheme.

  5. I have thought of trying to buy some, as collectors’ items. Though I don’t know how I’d explain it to my grandchildren.

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