Enviros accuse FedEx, Home Depot, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Wells Fargo of funding ‘deniers’

If only they would join the WINNING team!

“Among the NRSC’s top donors are companies like FedEx, Home Depot, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Wells Fargo — companies with millions of customers, many of whom have had their lives touched by the impacts of extreme weather like Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina. Are they really willing to pay for attacks on anyone who wants to take action on the climate crisis?” [Huffington Post]


  1. Excuse me! It seems to be OK for the enviro-terrorists to get funding from any number of sources but for some corporate groups to fund their opposition, that is a NO, NO. In other words if you don’t agree with me, you have no right to funding or even to voice opposition. BS

  2. Furthermore, i will support these corporations and not those that I know contribute to the enviro terrorists.

  3. Home Depot is innocent in all of this. They appropriate farms from Costa Ricans, turn them into forests and enlist the now unemployed former farmer to tend the forest (makes him a forester, I guess). This is a large-scale operation and they have a big sign up in pictures of the new forest proclaiming how they are saving the earth. So they are really believers and should not be treated so unfairly. (I avoid Home Depot since learning of this practice.)


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