Entergy buys carbon credits for Super Bowl; Maybe the money should have been spent making sure the power was reliable

“Approximately 4,500 megawatts of power will be needed, resulting in some 3.8 million pounds of CO2. These emissions will be offset by the carbon credits provided by Entergy… Fans can select how much of their travel they want to offset (starting at $5) and choose the carbon-offset project from which they would like to purchase credits. Entergy is matching fan offset purchases dollar-for-dollar… In all, Entergy estimates that the company’s offset purchases related to the Super Bowl will result in more than 26 million pounds of avoided greenhouse gas emissions. ‘Hosting the Super Bowl in the city where Entergy is headquartered is exciting,’ said Riddlebarger. ‘Through Geaux Green, we’re assuring the benefits of the big game are far-reaching and everlasting’.”


  1. If you buy some “RECS” (Renewable Energy Certificates), then you can pretend the juice coming from the socket is “clean” energy, no matter what the source because the REC certifies that a certain amt of energy was produced somewhere by a windmill or other form of “non-polluting” energy. The whole scheme is surreal. A wind farm gets taxpayer subsidies and then is able to produce RECS and sell them to the guilt-tripped. It’s a fraudster’s dream. It’s a game of “Let’s all pretend”.


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