4 thoughts on “Cruz: Harvard Law did have Marxists”

  1. Jake, You are correct it is totally legal to be a Communist in America. Does that mean we should be happy or willing to ignore having people that hate the values that has made America the successful country we are. We need more people like Cruz pointing out these people so we can change the message in many of the Universities from evil America to God Bless America. A little too rah-rah for you? Tough.

  2. Why does it matter how many communists there are at Harvard? Are you aware that being a communist is not now and never has been illegal in the United States of America? American freedom includes the freedom to make stupid choices.

  3. It isn’t about the fact that Harvard law School had Marxist/communist. It is about the fact that we can destroy a man’s reputation by claiming he is a McCarthyite don’tcha know. What I don’t understand is how someone who is not a Marxist/communist is “OK” with this dirty trick to coverup Marxism/communism???

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