ClimateProgress: Climate Change is Remaking Winter

“The planet is getting warmer. I can feel it, you can feel it.” So who needs the IPCC?

“Climate change is causing shorter winters and less snow, putting intense pressure on ski resorts and small businesses in the winter tourism industry that rely on snow to stay in business and employ thousands of Americans. Consider: This is a problem that’ll take more than zinc oxide to fix.”

Read more at ClimateProgress.

4 thoughts on “ClimateProgress: Climate Change is Remaking Winter”

  1. My sister who lives just outside Bowling Green Kentucky says there’s been more snow this year than any year since she’s lived there. That’s about 45 years.

  2. Hey read the article, they’ve even got a picture of a guy snow-boarding in shorts and no shirt. I mean, what more proof does anyone need? /sarc <– just in case

  3. Since when has the climate not been changing? Do these guys believe they can control the climate? BTW, the older I get, the colder the winters feel, so I feel like we are in a period of global cooling

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