Claim: The Most Influential Climate Study Few People Know About

The 2-degree target is arbitrary (See Climategate 2.0 for the admission by Phil Jones).

“It is probably the most influential paper on climate science today. But few outside scientific circles even know it exists.”

Read more at Bloomberg.

3 thoughts on “Claim: The Most Influential Climate Study Few People Know About”

  1. I read the paper. It relies on the 3 degree C climate sensitivity assumption that’s largely based on assumed water vapor feedback that does not occur in Nature. It seems complete BS to me, gussied up with a lot of mumbo jumbo.

  2. Few people know about this? JunkScience fans and Chris Morano’s fans know this and have known it for a long time.
    It’s true that anyone who follows only the mainstream media has probably missed this, though, because the MSM carries the water for the lousy “progressive” ideas.

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