7 thoughts on “Celebrities to Obama: ‘Phase out fossil fuels’”

  1. Here’s a proposal. Establish an “incentive fund” for people who don’t live the posh lives of the Hollywood Celebrities making these requests. Say $50,000 a year or less as the means test. The people eligible for these funds can get the difference in energy price reimbursed every time they make a purchase, and the money for “going Green” will come out of the “incentive fund.”

    Where does the “incentive fund” come from? Why from the Hollywood Celebrities themselves, of course! They each – in order to speak out in favor of alternative fuels and a Carbon Free Society – must agree to support the fund with up to 100% of their personal income and fortunes.

    That should last us about 6 weeks – think of all the good these guys could do, weaning us off fossil fuel for 6 weeks….

  2. I think we are being just a bit hard on these people. Hollywood celebrities offer their sincere heartfelt views completely free as an important service to humanity. Here’s how it works!

    If someone is confused on some issue, all they have to do is to see if Hollywood celebrities are for it, then that is sufficient reason to be against it. And if they are against it, then that is sufficient reason to be for it.

    See! We need to thank them. After all, what would we do without these views from the ‘galacticly stupid’?

    There is one more point. I saw a brief ‘debate’ on Piers Morgan’s show between Marc Marano and someone from either the Sierra Club or Greenpeace, and the first thing that came out of this greenies mouth was that Marano wasn’t a climate scientist, which is a common bleat from them. I wonder if they will now disavow this action by these actors?

  3. For a while it was “blood diamonds” now it is fossil fuels. Weill someone please get these celebrities a new trendy cause to take up and get them out of science? Actually get them out of everything that isn;t in the arts. They screw up everything else.

  4. Yes, Mr. President, please remove fossil fuels from their lives. Ban the sale of all things made with fossil fuels to celebrities. Iron, aluminium, plastics, ceramics, bricks or pottery, industrial textile, agricultural products, and, of course, the fossil fuels themselves. These materials are harmful to actors and entertainers, so their sales must be regulated as strictly as the sale of alcohol to underage persons.

  5. Celebities are actors and entertainers. They live and work in a make believe world, thus whatever their favorite theory is, it supplants reality. It’s what they are.

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