1. These studies are so bogus. Do this: Go to Google and type “smoking linked to” and then do another search with “obesity linked to”

    Guess what?? They’re linked to the same things!!!! I wrote about it in my blog a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, the blog got deleted (by mistake!!). I’ve been meaning to revisit it and repost my findings.

  2. People with significant mental health problems often have low impulse control and lean toward immediate gratification. Such people are also likely to be smokers. I can imagine a constellation of reasons for this. Among other things, some people may self-medicate with the nicotine buzz, as others may self-sedate with alcohol or opiates.
    There are enough people who smoke — and, thirty years ago, many more — and there are enough people with BMI over 29 that they may seem to be linked to almost everything, good or ill.


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