Bloom already off State-of-the-Union rose: Enviro says Obama promise to act unilaterally on climate ‘looking empty’

It hasn’t even been 24 hours.

Grist reports:

Some good news for congressional Republicans: The president’s threat to take unilateral action on climate isn’t looking all that threatening. White House officials are talking about small steps the administration could take, but aren’t currently pushing forward on the big executive action that advocates have wanted to see: EPA regulation of greenhouse gases from existing power plants…

What about existing power plants, I asked? Why wasn’t that mentioned?

“The president demonstrated last night that his preference, his stated goal, is that he would welcome an opportunity to work with Congress on a bipartisan, market-based approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” Zichal replied. “Whether or not that’s a reality certainly remains a question.”


  1. What’s really worrisome is that Mr. Bump (and also, apparently, his commenters) is totally unconcerned that a president would declare that he would take unilateral action while formally addressing the legislative branch.

  2. All of the president’s promises are best kept refrigerated as they spoil in very short order when exposed to the real world.


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