ASU prof slams science journalists at AAAS meeting

Unfortunately, G. Pascal Zachary also sees Rachel Carson as some sort of model. Perhaps a model of what not to be like?

From the media release:

“When I talk about her as a model for the crisis in science journalism, what I mean is currently there is less and less quality science journalism,” he added. “As a community, we have to figure out how to draw the line and get a minimal amount of quality science journalism.”


  1. Government employees should be journalists writing about science? You mean, EPA scientists writing without any checks or balances? Rachel Carson is a good example of that. Her references were lousy and her conclusions based on non-scientific observations. Most of them proved to be dead wrong. What she spawned was a generation of gullible eco-freaks who have no discernment and see everything about civilization as sinister, and think they’re cool for doing that.


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