ASU prof slams science journalists at AAAS meeting

Unfortunately, G. Pascal Zachary also sees Rachel Carson as some sort of model. Perhaps a model of what not to be like?

From the media release:

“When I talk about her as a model for the crisis in science journalism, what I mean is currently there is less and less quality science journalism,” he added. “As a community, we have to figure out how to draw the line and get a minimal amount of quality science journalism.”

3 thoughts on “ASU prof slams science journalists at AAAS meeting”

  1. Government employees should be journalists writing about science? You mean, EPA scientists writing without any checks or balances? Rachel Carson is a good example of that. Her references were lousy and her conclusions based on non-scientific observations. Most of them proved to be dead wrong. What she spawned was a generation of gullible eco-freaks who have no discernment and see everything about civilization as sinister, and think they’re cool for doing that.

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