Antarctic Ice Core Contains Unrivaled Detail of Past Climate

“A team of U.S. ice-coring scientists and engineers in Antarctica, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), have recovered from the ice sheet a record of past climate and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that extends back 68,000 years.”

Read more at the National Science Foundation.

3 thoughts on “Antarctic Ice Core Contains Unrivaled Detail of Past Climate”

  1. Let’s follow the logic of their claim – that we now have the highest levels of greenhouse gases ever.
    Since we are not experiencing the dramatic cimate shifts of the past and we are not as warm as other eras, ergo: greenhouse gases have very little effect.
    That should be their honest result.

  2. Actually, the drilling aspect sounds pretty impressive. A 5″ bore for almost 2 miles deep. I’ll bet that weighs a lot. Wonder how much airlift power is needed to bring that home.

  3. If you read the article it is obvious that the results will be what they expect to find, rather than an open study with many variables. There have already been findings in other studies which show that the compression of the ice alters the concentration of carbon dioxide (and it can be presumed other substances) so that the conclusions may not be valid. Where does the funding come from for these studies? EPA, Department of Energy?

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