4 thoughts on “America’s Baby Bust”

  1. Not only possessions, but pretty much everything. The idea that one can have children any time one wants except right now is a sign of brain damage. The notion of “planned parenthood” (in a broad sense, I don’t mean it as a euphemism for killing foetuses) is a sign of brain damage.

    In normal life, we get to have children not because we have properly planned the moment and the circumstances of their arrival, but because we simply can’t help having them right now. In normal life, it is the utmost fun and pleasure to be a parent, and it is the utmost misery to fail to become one. In civilised life, you hear people in their 40’s say, “I can barely take care of myself; how can I even think about having a child? And even if I tried, where is the guarantee that it would work?”

    Taking care of oneself to the point that no resources remain to care about someone else (let alone your own afterlife!) is brain damage. Making childbirth contingent on a guarantee of any sort is another sign of brain damage, and this kind of brain damage has become pandemic, and it is not caused by a virus or any material agent. Rather, something like a computer virus. The human brain can damage itself with mere ideas.

  2. It is unfortunate, but people prefer possessions over children. Even before Obama this was an issue. Can’t afford to have 3 kids a stay at home wife, and 2 Lexuses and the annual 2 week vacation in Aruba. So people assume kids are unaffordable, not realizing that even 100 years ago really poor people with no government help managed to raise 10 kids.

  3. Who can afford to have kids with the Obama administration in Washington?
    Just the thought of Obama in office for 4 more years lowers sperm count.

  4. This is the only possible outcome in a career-first country. If we want more chilrdren, we need to de-civilise and go into a family-first mode. Or, if we want to keep our civilisation at a comfortable level, we need to establish a breeding ground for ourselves outside our national borders, where our children would not be influenced by the maladaptive culture we have created at home. Those who survive can come back home to die in comfort.

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