3 thoughts on “Alarmists call on Obama to hold a solutions-oriented national climate summit”

  1. “Summit of alarmists. Is that the new collective noun, such as, a flock of geese, or a mess of fish? Seems to be appropriate anyway.

  2. He would have to hold the summit on a golf course. That’s the only thing he knows how to do when faced with tough choices. Or have Biden hold it in DC while Obama golfed in Hawaii.

  3. Such a summit would result in unfeasible solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist, funded by taxes that will dry up because the unfeasible solutions will choke the economy. The only good result is that the unfeasible solutions, most of which do more ecological harm than do the “conventional” energy systems, will stop.
    It will look a lot like the third quarter of Atlas Shrugged.

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