Most Earth species ‘still unknown’: Brazil expert

So how many are there and how long would it take to catalog them>

“The vast majority of the Earth’s estimated 13 million species are still unknown and to describe them all would take up to 2,000 years, according to a leading Brazilian scientist.”

Read more from AFP.

3 responses to “Most Earth species ‘still unknown’: Brazil expert

  1. We’d better hurry up and find these species so we can list them as endangered and protect them by stopping all development.

  2. This makes claims that ‘x % of all species” are at risk….. nonsense.

  3. Even so, we still have this crap:

    “We are indeed experiencing the greatest wave of extinctions since the disappearance of the dinosaurs,” said Ahmed Djoghlaf, head of the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity. “Extinction rates are rising by a factor of up to 1,000 above natural rates. Every hour, three species disappear. Every day, up to 150 species are lost. Every year, between 18,000 and 55,000 species become extinct. The cause: human activities.”, he said.

    And people believe it passionately.

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