Study: Wind power’s role overestimated

We are shocked to hear that something “green” was “overestimated.”

“The global generating capacity of wind farms has been overestimated and the world may not have access to as much wind power as thought, U.S. researchers say.”

Read more at UPI.

5 responses to “Study: Wind power’s role overestimated

  1. This is utterly awful. Basically, they *got the physics wrong* in their models (where else) by not noticing that taking energy out of the wind has the effect of slowing it down. It’s so danged obvious. Jeez.

  2. The original model that EPA developed to estimate downwind deposition of dioxins and furans from point sources did not include depletion. Substances deposited as the plume moved downwind were not subtracted from the supply of dioxins and furans in the plume. Was that an oversight? Has EPA corrected the error?

  3. “Study Shows What We Already Knew: Windpower Totally Effing Worthless If Other Power Sources Available.”

  4. Wind Power – The best power source in the world for people who don’t have anything better. Most of us do, though, and have since the days ofHero of Alexandria.

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