Enviro: Isn’t it ethical to use less heating?

“Turning the heating up is probably paying to heat the sky, as most energy disappears through the roof. Remind people of this and that you’d rather be chilly by choice than warm by compulsion.”

Read more at The Guardian.

9 responses to “Enviro: Isn’t it ethical to use less heating?

  1. Is there some kind of penance in all of this? Were these people bad and trying to make up for it by not heating their homes? Poor people do this because they can’t afford heat. Why not live outside in a cave and save even more of the planet? This is just plain crazy or obsessively cheap.

  2. Just buy a tonne of CO2 indulgences on the spotmarket (what some 7$?) and you are home free.

  3. Heat the sky, really?

    The best way to convince people to be colder is to take a look at the utility bills. And even then, mommy’s cold feet outvote daddy’s wallet.

  4. According to my estimates,I’m owed >$250,000 in carbon credits from the goracle’s investment.Idon’t drive.Who do I present the invoice to?If the “tax” is inevitable,I want my money!

  5. AlGore owes me $250,000,according to the carbon “tax”.I don’t drive or own a car.I wany my money.

  6. Same thing applies to air conditioning. The great value in modern life is we cah control out surrounding climate, based in part on the costs. But in some pecksniffs want to live in deprivation or wear a hair shirt, let them.

  7. “Our housing stock is the least energy efficient in Europe, with 6m UK households in fuel poverty.”
    I was looking for more about the stupidity in the cut quote (“cool by choice rather than warm by compulsion” means what??), but this line really struck me. There is no real connect between the items on each side of the comma. UK homes may have less insulation than Finland’s homes have — I have no clue — but the cause of fuel poverty is artificially raising the cost of fuel with subsidies, mandates, taxes, etc. Not to mention economic stagnation due to — well due to being too European in its economic policy.l

  8. Less heat for us, not them.

  9. When Al Gore rips the fire places, central heating, pool heater, water heater, and every light bulb out of his sea-side mansion, even then I wouldn’t consider turning down my thermostat. I’m comfortable with where it’s at. There’s nothing unethical about keeping warm.

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