Utah Smog: Weather, VOCs or Both?

Guess what the enviers think.

Read more at From the Styx.

3 responses to “Utah Smog: Weather, VOCs or Both?

  1. Last year, little snowpack, little ozone. This year more snow, more ozone. Both years, apparently, same output from drill rigs, power plant. I know she said in the article she was stupid, but really, why the problem understanding the role of weather?

  2. I visited SLC back in 2002. Geographically the similarity to the LA basin is striking. The main differences are those of scale – fewer people and more ‘basin’ means the SLC inversion layers need more time to build up noxious concentrations of ‘smog’ (NOx, SOx, VOCs, and ozone) than LA. The rate at which people seem to be migrating there away from the urban corruption zones (like LA) indicates that may change someday soon.

  3. Look at the pic of the Uintah Basin, where the alleged pollution is said to occur. Is there a place on Earth where bad air is *less* relevant?

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