Obama EPA to finalize rule banning new coal power plants

Likely EPA administrator pick Gina McCarthy is going to have a whale of a confirmation hearing.

“Alisha Johnson, spokeswoman for the EPA, says the agency is working to identify all the options it has available to reduce pollution and transition to sustainable energy sources. She also confirmed the EPA is moving on the rule regulating new power plant emissions.”

Read more at USNews.com.

5 responses to “Obama EPA to finalize rule banning new coal power plants

  1. The EPA’s brief is pollution, not sustainable anything. If “sustainable” is a government interest, and it probably isn’t, it’s the Energy Department’s brief.
    Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant at levels that humans will produce.
    Burning coal (or wood or petroleum) does produce some genuine pollution. Current controls have reduced those pollutants in the US to levels where reducing them further will probably have no benefit on anyone’s health.
    But try to tell that to anyone Obama would pick.

  2. This is why we should never have elected the SOB, These so called progressives are the most dangerous people in the country.

  3. It’s his last term, Obama doesn’t need greenie votes anymore. Sure sign it’s hell-bent ideology.

  4. The gummint is not about sustainability at all. If they were, they would have figured out that they need to balance the budget AND pay down the interest on the national debt.

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