‘Health experts’ in bitter war on sugar

Wacky Walter Willett once said that soda is dangerous to keep at home.

The Boston Herald reports:

Top U.S. scientists and public officials — including Boston’s health chief and Harvard University researchers — are taking the war on soda to the Obama administration, calling for “safe level” rulings on sugar content, warning labels and smaller servings.

“If we do have soda, it should be used in the amount we had back in the 1950s,” said Dr. Walter Willett of the Harvard School of Public Health, who advocates a ban on soft drinks larger than 6.5 ounces.

6 responses to “‘Health experts’ in bitter war on sugar

  1. Those two-gallon-a-day people will have to drink around 45 of the 6.5-ounce bottles to get their fixes.
    These nannies are probably the same ones who favor legalizing drugs (as I reluctantly do) and favor minors having abortions without parental involvement. License, not liberty.

  2. Does anyone remember the war on fat? Guess how companies changed their recipes to get low fat alternatives? They added sugar and salt. The consequences of the war fat was a sharp increase in diabetes. But while I am not a fan of high carb diets, I suspect the real reason people are getting fatter is that they experience the world virtually from the LDC screen on their laptop, iPad or cell phone sitting in a chair rather than getting to experience it in person. I’ll guess they will ban those next.

  3. Maybe not everybody wants to be thin.

  4. Are there safe levels set for the amount of scare tactics and nanny behaviour announcements per day?

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