Ed Davey: Climate change deniers ‘dogmatic and blinkered’

“Evidence for man-made global warming ‘screams out from decade upon decade of research’ and people who still deny it are ‘dogmatic and blinkered’, the Climate Change secretary will claim today.”

Read more at the Telegraph.

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7 responses to “Ed Davey: Climate change deniers ‘dogmatic and blinkered’

  1. Oddly, the screams of “decade upon decade of research” Ed Davey is hearing have been utterly silent for the last two decades of actual data….

    Ed needs a new hearing aid.

  2. Yes, decades of research … four decades ago the research worried about global cooling.

  3. Love that double-think. “Dogmatic and blinkered” apply to the “deniers”. The use of the term “denier” is dogmatic. Check your mirror guys.

  4. Of course he’s an advocate for “Global Warming” control. Otherwise, he’d be looking for another job.

  5. Ed Davey, like most global warming worshippers, has undoubtedly never looked at one piece of actual data or read a specific report. If he had he would not say such nonsense.

  6. It does sound like projection.

  7. The only blinkered people I know, are those saying wind turbines work and making £millions out of them.

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