US can slow climate change with new carbon-capture technology

The “good news” is that an artifical tree costs less than an automobile?

From the Christian Science Monitor:

The situation is indeed grave – but not unsolvable. While the majority of scientists agree that we humans have made the problem, new innovations show that we can also solve it. Climate change is a global problem, but the world looks to the US for leadership and solutions… I saw proof of this when I visited Dr. Klaus Lackner, the chairman of the Earth and Environmental Engineering department at Columbia University in December. He showed me a palm-sized mockup for an “artificial tree” that mimics the photosynthesis of real trees by chemically sucking CO2 out of the air. A single such tree-sized device left standing in the wind, Dr. Lackner told me, would remove one ton a day of carbon from the atmosphere, the equivalent of the greenhouse gases produced by 36 automobiles.

This “carbon capture” technology is not a risky geo-engineering scheme, according to Lackner. It is simply cleaning up after ourselves and repairing the damage that we have already done. He envisions a day when forests of such artificial trees – they cost less than automobiles to manufacture and can be placed anywhere on the face of the earth since C02 is equally dispersed – will make a big dent on the climate problem.

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3 responses to “US can slow climate change with new carbon-capture technology

  1. Point of fact, he does say it costs less than a car to manufacture, which could mean at cost. Think of the jobs. This might be the cheapest answer. Doesn’t hurt to live cleaner.

  2. It will be terribly politically incorrect to do this “carbon capture” thing. In addition to stolen animal products and stolen plant products we are consuming today, they suggest we consume stolen plant food as well. That will be a doubly wrong way of treating our plant companions — worse than simple kingdomism.

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