Browner urges EPA to write ‘technology forcing’ rule for power plants

What technology?

Greenwire reports:

U.S. EPA should draft aggressive greenhouse gas rules for existing power plants to promote the development of new technologies, according to former Obama White House climate and energy director Carol Browner.

Browner, who was EPA administrator in the Clinton administration, said in a transcript of a Bloomberg News interview scheduled to air Sunday that she expects the agency to soon finalize its proposed regulation for new power plants.

“I think the next step would be existing power plants,” she said.

There’s “no doubt,” she said, that President Obama would move those rules forward in his second term.

“I think the real question is, will these be technology forcing?” she said. “Will they really require us to come forward with new technologies to trap these gases to make sure that we don’t continue to emit them?”

4 responses to “Browner urges EPA to write ‘technology forcing’ rule for power plants

  1. Browner was the genius that wanted us to ban chlorine from the periodic table. /sarc

  2. She’s a perfect example of the “Peter Principle” (advancing to one’s level of complete incompetance). Way, way “above her pay grade”.

  3. I think she’s more of a Dilbert principle sort of gal.

  4. One of the footnotes in Pennsylvania environmental administrative code is from a court ruling that said something like “just because a requirement is impossible, it doesn’t mean you are liable for not following it.” These folks never have been more than loosely connected to reality.

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