Washington Post May Cut Its Ombudsman Position

Current WaPo ombudsman Patrick Pexton isn’t worth a fig anyway.

Read the report in The Washingtonian.

Click here for our latest futile effort to get Pexton to uphold his responsibilities.

3 responses to “Washington Post May Cut Its Ombudsman Position

  1. Having watched in my own lifetime the disappearance of journalistic ideals of objectivity (through advocacy reportage), accuracy (through the attrition of proofreaders), and now responsibility to the readers (through the demise of ombudsmen), I anticipate that the next development will be the daily state-sponsored propaganda outlet, as the “media” start seeking government ‘support’ for their ‘products’.
    Even the perception that integrity is vanishing from the Press harms the reputation of the press.
    Soon the only ‘honest’ journalists left will be a selection of bloggers.

    • In the ’80s, consultants convinced companies that they didn’t need middle management.

      Factories got rid of supervisors; newspapers got rid of editors. My company had a $30,000,000 factory fire that would have been prevented by middle management. That didn’t go into the consultants’ calculations. Six Sigma training is needed to replace what the middle managers used to do.

      The loss of editors in the legacy press has led to many absurdities. The most significant result is that they are going out of business, because the quality of their product has declined precipitously.

  2. I like figs. I wish you would not demean them.

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