Paper: ‘Soda industry lays waste to communities’

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette lashes out at the NAACP for opposing Bloomberg’s soda ban. One would think, however, that the right to consume what you want is a basic right.

Read more at the Post-Gazette.

7 responses to “Paper: ‘Soda industry lays waste to communities’

  1. Is it just me, or do the liberal nannies keep increasing their usage of war terms? “Lay waste”? That’s what we used to describe wars as doing, or tornados. This overuse of “shock” language may backfire as no one listens any more.

  2. It’s not a basic right when government controls health insurance and healthcare. You will not be permitted to do anything that big brother decrees is unhealthful because big brother is paying for your health. When government controls health care and energy consumption, it controls everything and all.

  3. techgm: well who is gonna be the good Samaritan when you fall by the wayside?

    • You aren’t a good Samaritan if you are using other people’s money.

    • Who says there has to be a good Samaritan? If you are lucky maybe there will be. Otherwise pick yourself up and keep going.

      When I was a child if someone in the neighborhood was sick or lost their job, people helped them out by bringing them food, etc. Today everybody looks to the government. Now nobody thinks to be the good Samaritan because they expect the government to do it. And being just a huge faceless bureaucracy it does the job poorly because it’s inefficient and impersonal.

      As a society we need to accept human nature: we are imperfect. There will be injustice and unfairness (however you define the concept of “fairness”). The best we can achieve is equal freedom and treatment under the law. We will then get the best outcome, collectively, that is possible. And when we improve as a race, the outcome will improve. Any system designed to force people (or society) to conform to some artificial ideal of perfection will always fail. Completely and catastrophically.

      (Gets off soapbox)

  4. I mean, seriously – WHO?

  5. Biggles: Why would techgm need a good Samaritan and why are you convinced (it seems) that there won’t be one?

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