Young Climate Evangelical Whine: We’ve never had a cooler-than-average month

Poor, poor pitiful Ben Lowe: “Global warming is all we’ve ever known.”

From today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required):

…Ben Lowe, one of the founders of an activist network called Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, shows how the issue influences a traditional bastion of Republican support.

Mr. Lowe, 28 years old, came from a long line of Republicans. But rising temperatures have been especially hard to avoid for him and his peers. “No one under 28 has experienced a cooler-than-average month,” he said. “Global warming is all we’ve ever known.”


  1. He should have spent the previous 12 winters in North Florida and watched some of my “hardy” native plants get frozen to the ground. People like this make me embarrassed to be a Christian.

  2. ‘”Look at the numbers,” she said. “It would have been better not to have to spend so much on recovery” after superstorm Sandy and other recent events.’

    It wasn’t a superstorm. Whatever that is.

    Sandy was consistent with many storms over the past hundred years. Indeed, there have been NO unprecedented storms for the last century.

    Anybody can say they are a Republican.

  3. The best thing Christians can do for the environment is to get off of the “rabbit trails” and leave them for the foxes. Do what God commanded them to do instead.


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