Yale alarmist advises Obama to lie in State of Union

From an upcoming interview with Comrade Bill Moyers.

Moyers asks Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, what he would have Obama say about climate in the State of the Union address. Leiserowitz says in part:

… I would ask him to do two things. One is to say that I [Obama] have consulted with the nation’s leading climate scientists, including the National Academy of Sciences, which exists to guide the nation on science and science policy. And they all tell me, all of them, tell me that this is real and it’s human caused…”

We’re not exactly sure what NAS consultation Leiserowitz is referring to, but the qualified membership of the National Academy of Sciences has never advised Obama (or anyone else) on climate science.

Possibly, Leiserowitz is referring to the National Research Council — an arm of the NAS which, on a contract basis, hires outside scientists (i.e., usually not NAS members) to come up with politically correct/compromise reports and advice.

But the NRC is NOT the NAS by any stretch of the imagination. Moreover, the NAS bureaucracy has, in fact, prevented JunkScience.com from polling its members on climate change.

Besides, the NAS isn’t even really the NAS anymore, according to Dick Lindzen, but that is another story.

Check out Moyers’ web site.

6 thoughts on “Yale alarmist advises Obama to lie in State of Union”

  1. You give Obama too much credit.

    In the clip, the Teleprompter of the United States is giving us talking points about what it would like to see in Obamacare, but had no linkage with Obamacare. Obama had nothing to do with Obamacare except to market it. His marketing was of a fantasy.

    Obama didn’t write Obamacare. It is certain that he never read it, either. Obama, like a newly hired car salesman, wasn’t lying. He simply didn’t know what was in Obamacare, and didn’t care to know. Obama’s speech was gibberish.

    Joe Wilson knew Obama was wrong, so spoke up.

    The 6 trillion dollar question is who is running the teleprompter?

  2. Has anyone ever noticed that when socialists give a speech they say the exact opposite of what is really meant? Take a look at the YouTube video clip, for example. Pres O says that federal dollars will not be used to fund abortion. What is a large portion of the funding in Obamacare going for? You guessed it! And the whole matter of conscience has been quietly overlooked in the process, forcing religious institutions to provide abortion on demand for their employees counter to their personal convictions of conscience.

  3. One must always lie when the subject is filled with complete lies…..but when it comes to the socialist/communists……..a lie is OK when their agenda is to be had….just like the sand pirates….//////

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