4 thoughts on “Wind farm company targets children to drum up support for more turbines”

  1. While your post has about as much factual basis as the original’s claim of environmental benefits, you probably should either check your medication, or reign in the hyperbole. That doesn’t sound satirical, it sounds unhinged..

  2. So start a counter-campaign:

    “Hey Kids! Tell your Mayor and your congressmen that you don’t want any stupid “wind turbines” around! They emit deadly MERCURY! And they are associated with deadly EMF FIELDS that can turn you into MUTANTS! And the owners of these things are sending all the income from these to anti-LGBT groups! Is that the kind of thing you want your Community to be associated with? They kill thousands of birds per year, FOR PROFIT, and the Government subsidizes all of this! You ought to be ASHAMED of yourself if you support this!”

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