Will It Take a Climate Pearl Harbor for Obama to Pull an FDR?

Climate Change = Adolf Hitler = Pearl Harbor? Bill “Bluto” McKibben seems to have watched Animal House one too many times.

“It’s not Obama’s fault that that’s not happening. He can’t force it to happen. Consider the moment when the great president of the last century, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was confronted with an implacable enemy, Adolf Hitler (the closest analog to physics we’re going to get, in that he was insanely solipsistic, though in his case also evil). Even as the German armies started to roll through Europe, however, FDR couldn’t muster America to get off the couch and fight. There were even the equivalent of climate deniers at that time, happy to make the case that Hitler presented no threat to America. Indeed, some of them were the same institutions. The US Chamber of Commerce, for instance, vociferously opposed Lend-Lease.” [Mother Jones]

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