5 thoughts on “Wente: Whatever happened to global warming?”

  1. Pravda will never lose it’s grip. The masses of people are genetically built to examine things from the wrong perspective. On top of that they’re conformist, unreflective and kind of dumb. The result is that the middle-brow will always dominate them with lies and moralizing, and the high-brow just have to live in this Hellhole and deal with it.

    No wonder some people blow themselves up in marketplaces, eh?

  2. A good rule of thumb with important exceptions: if method A costs more than method B, including subsidies and mandates, then method B is better for the environment than method A.
    The high cost of pretending to deal with AGW means that the effort has almost certainly done far more damage than continuing as we were.
    And remember — this isn’t sarcasm — the poor have suffered the most because of this foolishness.

  3. A well written dispassionate look at the factual situation. Why can’t the American news media follow suit?

    The New York Times claims their motto is: “ALL THE NEWS THATS FIT TO PRINT.” Their agenda oriented reportage really should read “ALL THE NEWS THAT FITS, WE PRINT.”

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