Washington Free Beacon: the ‘believe-it-or-not inaugural meetings of the progressive Democracy Initiative’

A must-read piece by Matthew Continetti, stemming from – of all places, Mother Jones – on how Greenpeace and other progressives want “… to change the rules of the game so that greens and unions can push their agenda….”

From The Washington Free Beacon, January 11, 2013:

The brainchild of Michael Brune, Phil Radford, Larry Cohen, and Ben Jealous, the Democracy Initiative, according to Mother Jones’s Kroll, is “the first time so many groups teamed up to work on multiple issues not tied to an election.”

For readers of JunkScience who may not recall it, Phil Radford is among the cast of characters I described in my Dec 2011 article “Monumental fault in manmade global warming notion hiding in plain sight“. I also pointed to his association to what I term the ‘epicenter of the fossil fuel industry funding accusation against skeptic climate scientists’ in two other articles at American Thinker, “Smearing Global Warming Skeptics“, and “The Case of the Curious Climate Covenant“.

Radford is not merely troublesome because he is the head of Greenpeace. His apparent enslavement to the idea that skeptic climate scientists must be marginalized at all costs by any means possible is something worthy of serious high-level investigation, when the central accusation he relies on to advise influential people about the “corruption” of those skeptics is so highly questionable.

Russell Cook’s collection of writings on this issue can be seen at “The ’96-to-present smear of skeptic scientists.” You may also follow him at Twitter via @questionAGW

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