2 thoughts on “Tough limits on global greenhouse gas emissions could reduce some climate change damage by two-thirds…”

  1. For some reason, the English have been particularly irritating about “climate change” hyperbole. True, a lot of it comes from the US and Australia as well, but it doesn’t seem to reach the pitch of fervor attained in the UK. The East Anglia debacle seems not to have had any influence on this at all

  2. You’d have to start with some actual damage done by climate change, that is, damage that could be reliably shown to come from changes in temperature etc, before you could attempt to reduce the damage.
    According to the data I’ve seen here and at similar sites, there’s no proof of any unusual damage due to weather or climate; we have about as much rough weather as we’ve had for a hundred years and fewer deaths due to better adaptation.
    Dollar values of losses may be going up but that appears to have more to do with putting expensive carpets within range of storm surge.

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