2 thoughts on “Tom Toles rolls the loaded carbon dice”

  1. I learned years ago that Tom Toles is a complete fool who maintains a shallow understanding of a few things and has no understanding of science. I have stopped even glancing at his cartoons; I will not waste my time.

  2. Well, snorting Hansen up his nose does seem to have induced brain damage.

    Has anybody reading here got any idea what this drooling idiot was getting at in this crippled excuse for an editorial cartoon?

    Meanwhile, here are a few from Scott Bieser to displace your memory of Toles’ bletcherosity:

    No one here can shoot back

    In Case of Genocide…

    Wakeup Call

    September 11th

    Hearing problem

    Any Questions?

    Toles has a full-time job at The Washington Post. Scott Bieser draws Web comics for a living.

    What does this tell you about the luzer lamestream media?

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