9 thoughts on “TIME Editor: Climate deniers like moon landing deniers”

  1. If the science of space travel was as inexact as climate science there wouldn’t have been a moon landing.

  2. Howdy techgm
    By and large you’re right. The two most-credentialed condemners of deniers are Michael Mann and James Hansen, who both have PhDs, and of course there are some others. Most credentialed “warmists”, like many credentialed sceptics, take a more measured tone in how they call us ignoramuses.
    There are some reasonable people in the public debates on human influence on climate, but most of the reasonable people are sceptics.

  3. Curious about Mr. Kluger’s credentials that he could be so damning of “deniers,” I did a little digging. Mr. Kluger is a non-practicing attorney with a JD degree from the University of Baltimore. Various bios also credit him with having graduated from the Univ. of Maryland, but the degree is a mystery (although one can find the name of his high school fairly easily). Since getting his JD, he’s been a journalist/writer.

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that the harshest condemnation of “deniers” is by those who have little or no credentials in science (degrees & professional experience).

  4. Catastrophic Climate Change pushers are like “end of day” cultists, eugenicists, Phrenologists, cure all Snake Oil salesmen, the Spanish Inquisition, and ironically exactly like Flat Earthers.

  5. And I suppose the 20 NASA scientists who looked at the evidence and concluded there is no support for CAGW don’t believe in the moon landing either? Can alarmists get any more absurd? Most of the scientists, researchers, and doctors I work with don’t believe global warming is a serious concern. All of them believe in the moon landing, myself included.

    Kluger is doing what leftists do best – denigrating anyone who doesn’t share their views.

  6. These people have such a small tool box of insults. Surely they should be coming up with some new ones? As for the ‘big table’ crack, we were never invited but locked away in the back we can still pee in their soup.

  7. H’m. I studied chemistry in high school and in college. I took biology and anatomy classes and I took physics. Heck, I even studied calculus and economics and stats. I’ve read the original Darwin and the original Adam Smith.
    I believe in evolution and in the moon landings but not in AGW. So how does this arrogant jerk want to classify me?

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