Temperatures to rise by six degrees in Middle East countries

“The lack of reliable data is a stumbling block for any preventive measures.”

“Countries in the Middle East and north Africa will be among those hardest hit by global warming, unless the upward trend for greenhouse gas emissions can be checked, the World Bank warned last month at the Doha climate change conference.” [The Guardian]


  1. “The lack of reliable data is a stumbling block”

    Not having reliable data is never a problem for the controllers. Indeed it’s a positive boon for the fear mongering to follow. 6 degrees, garbage number even by warmist standards..

  2. Forecasts can never be more reliable than the data that goes into them. That is a consequence of the Statistical Law of Propagation fo Variances.
    If they admit the data is unreliable they shouldn’t even be mentioning any forecasts.


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