3 thoughts on “Ted Nugent Unloads: Gun owners the next Rosa Parks”

  1. This won’t happen if gun owners are seen as ‘redneck bitter clingers’, which is a perception the Left is working hard to popularize.

    On the other hand, I doubt that gun owners can be inspired by the notion that they are an oppressed minority in need of government help. The notion of a rebelling against a popular prejudice has its cachet, though. Nugent should have come up with a different analogy.

  2. Combining this topic and the following (later) posting, it is equally junk science to ignore properly-done studies, including those about mass shootings: for example, the Landes-Lott study. Unfortunately, many of our politicians and the MSM ignore inconvenient facts and logic that do not fit their true agendas; and, with very few exceptions, the remaining politicians are too cowardly or dense to use those studies to defend the Constitution and the rights of their constituents.

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