Skeptics blamed for destruction of iconic beach resorts

But “beaches have survived 120 m of sea level rise over the last ten thousand years.”

“Our study of resorts along the Gold Coast of Australia suggests that with advance planning, we might just cope with a 1metre sea level rise but not even careful planning beforehand could enable resorts to survive more than that. ‘The problems are the volume of additional sand required to hold the beach in place and the engineering requirements for protection of low-lying developments and infrastructure. These problems are compounded by a lack of political will to adapt, uncertainty regarding how much sea level will rise, short-term coastal management initiatives, and the climate change skeptics’.”

3 thoughts on “Skeptics blamed for destruction of iconic beach resorts”

  1. With sea levels rising at their current alarming rate, I think it will be a century or more before we get a meter of sea level change.
    Beach levels also are affected by things like ground subsidence and other terrain changes. Those are usually gradual process but they sometimes happen suddenly.
    If sea levels were falling, some resorts would be out of luck because their facilities would be high and dry, as with lakes and rivers during drought.
    The bit with “skeptics” is of course meaningless.

  2. well my understanding of geology is that unless the oceans cover the whole earth to above the mountains, we still have beaches. I am ten miles from the current beach and 120 ft above sea level, my property values could go up significantly. So there is a bright side.

    Just saying

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