3 thoughts on “Scotland: An unexpected consequence of wind energy”

  1. This is what people need to understand, but generally do not. Because electricity is invisible and the power company deals with the problem, people do not see the problems in wind generation. No matter how you look at it, wind is not a good power source. There’s too much, too little, none at all. All hidden by the grid and power company.
    Why are we building turbines that just get shut off when the wind blows too much? And then paying for the electricity that is not generated?

  2. This is still a safety issue. Those kind of repeated transient over voltage events could eventually cause damage to customer premises equipment and potentially electrical fires. I always recommend whole house surge protectors, especially in areas served by wind farms.

  3. Hardly unexpected. They probably had to take some generators off-line causing a transient over-voltage. It’s not that they are generating too much, as this news item seems to imply. They have never really figured out the switching problem before deploying those wind farms.

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