Saturated fats tied to falling sperm counts in Danes: study

Is the world running out of Danes?

“Saturated fats, like those found in rich cheeses and meats, may do more than weigh men down after a meal – a Danish study also links them to dwindling sperm counts.” [Reuters]

4 thoughts on “Saturated fats tied to falling sperm counts in Danes: study”

  1. The reason Dane sperm counts are down is not due to saturated fats, it is because God has decided there are enough Danes already in the world, and they can rest content with having established the British cattle industry during the Global Warming period – or should I say when it was so cold in Denmark they had to conquer England. So who is confused?

  2. Since a lot of European men would prefer sterility, this may be more of a plus than a minus. As our friend gamecock noted, though, this is almost certainly a spurious relationship since high-fat dads have produced many youngsters.
    Most of what I read about diet and weight indicates that dietary restriction has very little healthful effect and that moderate BMI (up to around 32) has slight health effect if any. I’m sure a diet limited to fat, alcohol, tobacco and sugar would be dicey, especially if you were bed-ridden, but almost any realistic diet seems to be healthful. Instapundit is reporting that, for middle-agers like him and me, exercise’s benefits have been heavily overstated and its risks understated. This annoys me becaue I like my exercise.

  3. Is part of the Danish gov. obsession with fat. Last time they tried to increase tax on butter,lard etc. With as a result a healthy across border trade started. The tax has been dropped is believe, so now come the scare stories. And what’s more scary then your manhood in peril?

  4. Until 50 years ago, all human progeny was from parents who didn’t care about saturated fat – didn’t even know what it was.


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