Satellites Confirm: Atmospheric Global Cooling Reigns, Not The IPCC’s Predicted CO2 ‘Global Warming’

“The 2012 year-end satellite measurements continue to be cruel to the IPCC’s green-sharia scientists – this UN agency has long predicted huge atmospheric global warming from CO2 emissions …..yet in reality, global cooling currently dominates.”



  1. The Ministry of Propaganda will spin it into a warming alarm, and dispense it to the waiting sheeple eager to hear the latest death threat from the government.

  2. It’s always amused and puzzled me. The satellite record, which of course is kind of short, has always indicated temps have shifted only slightly and now shows stable or slightly declining temps. James Hansen is from NASA’s Goddard Institute. But he rejects the data from his agency’s most reliable source. But then the best data available contradict Hansen’s position.
    I went along for several years with the “warming but natural” crowd. Given what we know about data adjustments, I’m sliding toward “prove the warming, then you can try to prove humans cause it” crowd.


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