Ridenour: Classless Obama Insults Global Warming Skeptics in Inaugural Address

“It is said that Ronald Reagan so respected the office of the presidency that he wouldn’t enter the Oval Office if he wasn’t wearing a suit jacket.”

“Barack Obama so demeans the office of the presidency that he uses the occasion of an inaugural address to insult people.” [Amy Ridenour]


  1. It was a bad sign when Obama released photos of him with his feet on the desk.
    Ronald Reagan used the Oval Office more for ceremony than work, as I understand, and so have some other presidents.
    But Obama admires Bill Clinton and John Kennedy, two men who demeaned the White House by their personal misconduct there.
    Obama despises those who disagree with him. He’s been insulting people like me since he became a politician and probably for all of his life since he was a teen.


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