Report: Christine Gregoire Will Get Obama's Nod to Lead the EPA

A leader in the Western Climate Initiative.

“’s Joel Connelly is reporting that President Obama is on the verge of nominating outgoing Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency.” [Seattle PI]

3 thoughts on “Report: Christine Gregoire Will Get Obama's Nod to Lead the EPA”

  1. Ms. Jackson’s story is even funnier than you may know. “Richard Windsor” is the nom de webbe of a B&D film distributor. As Dave Barry says, “I swear I’m not making that up.”

  2. While this story is still in the speculation phase, another is gaining traction: that Jackson is leaving the EPA because of what will be revealed in the secret internal emails she wrote under the name of ‘Richard Windsor’. A Freedom of Information Act request has unearthed about 12,000 of them.

    We all know what happened with the Climategate email ‘leak’, and this could be far juicier. Stay tuned!

  3. President Obama believes he was 100% re-elected. Of course he’s going to choose a granola-crunching tree-hugger of the leafiest sort that he can get away with for EPA. As with his other key appointments — he is following his own beliefs.
    Which is why I voted for Gov. Romney.

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