7 thoughts on “Planetsave: Global warming is mass murder”

  1. Biggles–a new definition for the word “slavery” (or was that Marx redefining, I forget). Can we get a dictionary to follow rewrites of the language, or would that be too obvious and cut into the converts? (Interesting that being chained, beaten and sold at will is equivalent to getting money for going into a place of one’s choosing and producing what was agreed upon for that money. Who knew? Kind of makes one wonder why slavery every ended.)
    I do agree with the lack of education on math and science. An educated population is so much harder to control, so stop educating. And parents willing stopped parenting and let the schools take over–no slavery there. Just a lack of will to do one’s job–oh! Does that make parenting slavery too?

  2. The cure for socialism is slavery, or its commercial equivalent (the working class). Read history.Now if schoolchildern were taught about finance, the world might be a different place. They learn nothing about medicine either. Guess why?

  3. The two elements that most greatly contribute to hunger in our world are unfree economies and stupid green policy to restrict energy use. Socialism and environmentalism are the great precepts of “progressives”. QED.

  4. We have achieved living in virtual reality at last. Things that never happened but could later or might not but probably will are now grounds for calling people murders. Gosh, if Starbucks shuts down, wouldn’t that cause mass murders? And it could close down if the economy doesn’t get better and then whoever caused the bad economy would be a mass murderer.
    I foresee the words “mass murderer” having no real meaning very soon.

  5. You can never please the Planet Savers. One day, they want the extinction of the human race, the next day, they accuse us of mass murder.

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