Pants on Fire: Mann disputes report of $10K speaking fee; Media Trackers sticks by story

“It appears that in Mann’s Facebook post he and his agent are, at best, confusing several different events. At worst, they are attempting to deliberately deceive Mann’s readers.”

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3 thoughts on “Pants on Fire: Mann disputes report of $10K speaking fee; Media Trackers sticks by story”

  1. Well, guess what? I’ve already received an email reply from the CEO of STMA stating, “… thank you for bringing this to our attention. We inadvertently abbreviated the information in our very condensed schedule; all announcements of Dr. Mann and his introduction has the correct wording as defined by the Nobel Committee.”

  2. There’s more: The Sports Turf Managers Association Mann now mentions has him listed as a “winner of the Nobel Peace Prize” on page 2 of their 2013 Annual Conference and Exhibition (in the “Schedule at a Glance” under the Jan 18 section ) and under his picture on page 5 ( ). This, despite the IPCC cautioning people back on Nov 2 about the error of doing so:

    We wonder if they will discover a sudden need to introduce him tomorrow in the proper fashion. Myself, I just fired off an email to the STMA administrators ( ) about the error. There’s a handy 800 number on that page for those of you who wish to give ’em a call about the necessity to present Dr Mann to the conference tomorrow afternoon with the right label on him……..

  3. Sir, surely you are not suggesting that a Nobel.laureate would lie about a speaking fee, are you?

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